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Sunnyside Roofing and Solar Ltd. is a roofing company that repairs and replaces substandard work every week. These jobs have most often been charged at high industry rates, with vague (or non-existent) warranties, and have begun to fall apart ahead of expected lifespan. Asking these four questions while shopping for your roofing services will help ensure you are provided with an affordable, quality driven service provider.

1. Does the “roofing company” sub-contract its work?

Unfortunately, any construction related trade has professional middlemen - companies who are happy to run marketing campaigns, take calls, talk up a believable service, inflate the price, promise value and quality, and then sub-contract the job to one of dozens of independent contractors. The work ends up being done with limited technical oversight by the “roofing company” - and when issues eventually arise, the "roofing company" directs blame to the sub-contractor - or does not address the problem at all.

Before and After Patch on a Chimney

Ask your potential service provider whether Their company vehicles (with their company logos) will be showing up for your roofing project. Ensure the company call tell you who specifically will be on site managing the project. Every step of the way, it’s your right to know how (and by whom) the work will be done!

2. Does the roofing company advertise a range of unrelated services?

"We do roofing, eavestroughs, downspouts, fascia, soffits, siding, painting, fence repair, you name it!" Inquire in detail with companies that claim "expertise" in a list of services that each take years of full-time experience to master. Once again, a company may be advertising services that they have no intention of completing themselves - inflating the price and then selling the job to an independent sub-contractor.

Worse yet, a company may actually believe in their ability to properly install every element of your home's exterior, with a mere weekend or two of personal experience in every trade they list. At Sunnyside, we specialize in sloped roofing and solar panel installations,  inspections, repairs and replacements.

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3. Does the roofing company have insurance? WCB coverage? BBB accreditation?

This should be the easiest question for a roofing company to answer. Can they provide you with proof of their liability insurance? What about Worker's Compensation coverage and Better Business Bureau accreditation? All of these agencies have an important part to play in protecting the homeowner from accidents, injuries, property damage, or substandard work that might occur when hiring an inexperienced installer.

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Sunnyside carries $2 million of business liability insurance through The Co-Operators Insurance. We also have full Worker's Compensation board coverage and clearance for our workers, and we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and no complaints filed.

4. What warranty is being offered for the service?

Lastly, you should ask about the warranty that ensures your roof will last. There are two types of warranties in the roofing industry: workmanship warranties and material warranties.

Material warranties protect against manufacturer defects that start at the factory. These warranties are provided by the manufacturer of the building product and are often listed as "30-year limited" for asphalt shingles, meaning the shingles have a full value replacement warranty for manufacturer issues that arise within the first 10 or so years of installation and a declining replacement value for every year thereafter (declining to about 10% replacement value by the 30th year).

Before & After Drainage Fix during Roofing Services - Calgary, AB

A workmanship warranty is what your roofing company or installer should provide - in writing - to ensure that your roof has been installed properly and will not deteriorate (or need repairs) prematurely. Workmanship warranties provided by the largest, most successful roofing companies in Calgary are usually for 15 years. If a potential service provider is offering a 10 or 5 year warranty on their work - or no workmanship warranty at all - it's time to look elsewhere.

At Sunnyside, we offer minimum 15-year workmanship warranties on our roof replacements - matching and exceeding the full-value manufacturer guarantee on the shingles themselves - because we do the work ourselves. James and Mitch will be your respectful, professional installers. Welcome to the Sunnyside!