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Inspections & Roof Maintenance

"You need a new roof." It's not a phrase that any homeowner looks forward to hearing. With a full roof replacement costing anywhere from $5,000 to tens of thousands of dollars – a second opinion might save you a considerable amount. 

It's not unreasonable to expect most asphalt shingle roof systems to survive a minimum of 15 years in Canadian climates – with smart upkeep along the way extending the overall lifespan. Identification of specific vulnerabilities – like areas showing signs of accelerated aging – is the first step to maximizing the longevity (and value) of your existing roof. Sunnyside offers complete roof inspections and roof maintenance with one aim in mind: saving the homeowner money.


If blown off shingles, a leak, or other signs of aging on your roof have you concerned whether it’s time for a roof replacement – we can help. Sunnyside believes in "inspections before estimates," meaning that our viewing of your existing roof membrane should be done with preservation foremost in mind. Identification of poor installation, spots with situationally occurring accelerated aging (ie. shingle curling on attached garages), and future leak vulnerabilities assist in determining whether it’s indeed "time for a new roof."

When a new roof is your best option, we will let you know why - in detail. Don’t settle on contractors with superficial technical knowledge - those who depend on simple, big sales to keep an inflated overhead running. Call Sunnyside for your in depth consultation today.

Adhesive / Sealing Service

The core goal of preventative roof inspections is to catch leaks before they happen. Sunnyside’s focus on roof repair & custom roof installation services provide us with the ability to analytically assess your home’s roof for vulnerabilities and failures alike.

If premature lifting of shingles, or corroded, lifted, or buckled flashing point to future problems – a rubberized adhesive/sealing service may be the best option to prevent damaging leaks, and extend the life of your existing roof. For more information on the causes of premature roof failures, visit our section on Spring/Summer Roof Replacements – or call (403) 689-9338 - (604) 368-9338 for your direct consultation today.

Cedar Shake Roof Small Cedar Shake Repair With Hammer And Power Saw Visible Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance - Calgary, AB

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Homeowners living in neighbourhoods like Douglasdale or Signal Hill - or across the lower mainland - know well the aesthetic appeal of cedar shake roofs. There’s also a significant long term advantage to this particular material. Cedar shake roofs, maintained over time - can offer up to 40 years of coverage before needing full replacement. If the spring thaw has revealed loose, curling or cracking shakes on your cedar roof - consider a Sunnyside one day shake maintenance and replacement service.

Ice Dam Removal - Calgary, AB Icicles On a Roof's Edge Broken-Up Ice

Snow & Ice Dam Removal

Alberta is a region of winter extremes. Graced by chinooks and -40c temperatures alike, volatile down weather patterns create prime conditions for leaks and other rooftop problems. Large buildups of icicles extending down from the eavestrough are literally the tip of the iceberg – and the most prominent indication of a problem known as ice-damming.

Ice-damming occurs when repeated fluctuations between warm and cold temperatures melt rooftop snow (primarily during the day), and re-freeze the resultant run off as it approaches the unheated, lower “eave” section of the roof. This results in a growing layer of ice at the base of the roof – which is often stopped from itself melting by subsequent deposits of insulating, sun reflecting snow. If the ice build-up increases to produce large icicles, an ice-dam has formed on the roof.

This dam can literally trap all future runoff behind it, resulting in a pool of compacted snow, slush and water backing up and underneath older shingles, low lying fixtures, and vulnerable metal flashings. Insulation, drywall, doorframes and window sills are then exposed to potentially overwhelming (and severely damaging) interior leaks.

With extensive experience in emergency snow and ice dam removal – Sunnyside is equipped with the heavy duty equipment (and roofing know-how) to quickly and safely remove ice dams and heavy snow build up from your home’s roof. We also offer competitive rates on preventative rooftop snow removal, for those major winter snowfalls that so suddenly appear in western Canada. 

Snow & Ice Dam Removal - Calgary, AB