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Comprehensive Roof Repair Services

Roofs too often leak, and too often fall apart ahead of schedule. It’s the unfortunate reality of a trade that is (largely) unregulated. Economic slumps create a multitude of inexperienced roofing and construction related “companies”, while fast paced, high earning expectations remain. The resultant focus on production – of valuing quantity over quality – so often falls on the homeowner’s shoulders in the end. Knowing this, Sunnyside is here to help.

Fixing Roof Leaks - Calgary, AB

Quickly Fixing Roof Leaks Around the Clock

There’s never a “good” time for a roof failure – and that’s why we’re available 24 hours a day. When a leak suddenly appears in your home, the resultant interior damage is literally a matter of time. Our dedication to immediately halt the source of the problem works without consideration of time of day, or time of year. Immediate tarping and temporary sealing of rooftop leaks is available during rain or snow by calling (403) 689-9338 - (604) 368-9338.

Warrantied Leak Sealing / Solutions

Once we’ve stopped the leak into your home, and the sun is shining - your best long-term roofing solution will be offered in thorough detail. At Sunnyside, we take pride in our extensive list of complex, custom sloped roof installations since 2014. This experience, in combination with architectural building sciences training – allows us to provide reliable, warrantied solutions at competitive rates. Whether the installation problem stems with metal flashing, asphalt shingles, cedar shakes or low slope torch-on – Sunnyside’s consultation will leave you with confidence, and peace of mind.

Showing Roof Damage Wind Damage Repair - Calgary, AB Crew Member Working On Repairs

Wind Damage Repair

Loose or missing shingles from seasonal windstorms are a simple fix, if a contractor knows what to look for. Sunnyside’s promise in repairing your wind damaged roof is to do it quickly, to do it affordably, and to offer long term sealing services that deter surrounding areas of shingles from blowing off in the future. Perhaps the most frustrating homeowner experience is to have to fix the same problem twice. Don’t risk the low quality wind damage repairs we are so often called to fix – call (403) 689-9338 - (604) 368-9338 to book your wind damage repair with Sunnyside today.

Wood Roofdeck Exposed Skylights Adhesive / Metal Underlay Skylights Completed 15yr Warranty Skylight Upgrade

Skylight Repairs / Upgrades

During the rainy seasons, a leaking skylight is one of the earliest indicators of deficient workmanship (or advanced aging) in a sloped roofing system. About 1/3 of our rain day service calls relate to leaking skylights, so our responses are well crafted to any homeowner’s specific expectations. Whether priority rests on an immediate (and economical) stoppage of the leak – or a full, 15 year warranty replacement of skylight housings and glass – Sunnyside is your professional option for rooftop skylight services.

Chimney Repair Chimney & Roof Repair - Calgary, AB During Chimney Repair

Chimney Repairs / Upgrades

Second to skylights in the rain day leaks category are aging chimneys. Corroded/cracked metal flashing and failed bitumen seals at chimney corners are usually to blame. If you suspect a leak originating from your home’s roof / chimney interface, Sunnyside offers a range of immediate solutions to the problem.

Attic Rain & Solar Ventilation

Not all ceiling water staining comes from a leaking roof. With Calgary's extremes in humidity and temperature, homes across the city experience ceiling staining from “attic rain”.  Attic rain occurs when an improperly ventilated or snow-locked roof traps excessive moisture from warm air within the home. This causes condensation to freeze on the attic ceiling - then drip down into insulation / ceiling drywall when warmer temperatures arrive.

The first step in combatting attic rain is to reduce and remove hot air and humidity from your home’s attic space – and Sunnyside offers extensive rooftop ventilation improvements & repairs to do just that. Utilizing “active” solar exhaust systems, our rooftop ventilation solutions also offer the benefit of increasing in home air-flow volume during the hottest, sunny summer days.

More information about Sunnyside’s ventilation and full roof replacement systems and specifications can be found in the Installations & Replacements section.