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Materials for Roof Installations - Calgary, AB

Custom Roof Installations

Invest in your home with Sunnyside’s experience and technical know-how. All of our full roof installations come with a minimum 15-year workmanship warranty – and are constructed with the backing of our extensive experience in complex sloped roofing systems and emergency leak repairs.

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Roof Replacements

Replace your home’s existing roof to last. With “free estimates” advertised by every major roofing company in the city, Sunnyside is here to explain the differences in services offered - and provide explanation on the best solutions for your unique roofing project.

Our roof replacements are designed with value and longevity foremost in mind. Materials, installation methods, and even time of installation all play crucial roles in determining your new roof’s performance over time. Our combinative use of adhesive underlays, custom crafted flashings, hail/wind rated shingles, and active solar ventilation ensure a final product that is backed by workmanship guarantee for a minimum of 15 years.

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New Roofs for Custom Homes

With extensive experience installing steep and complex sloped roofing systems – Sunnyside is happy to offer methodical, professional roofing services to custom home builders in the Calgary and Vancouver areas. Whether you’ve yet to break ground, or need a responsive rescue of a project in progress – we understand the pressures and expectations of the building industry. More information on our work can be viewed on our Instagram page, or by contacting owner/installer James Zylka at (403) 689-9338 |

Spring/Summer Roof Replacements

There's science behind the old saying: “the best time to replace the roof is when the sun is shining”. Warm weather roof replacements ensure that asphalt roofing materials are installed in their most durable form. Underwriter's Laboratories lists a 4°C - 26°C temperature range as the best conditions for installation of shingle roofs.

At Sunnyside we believe that your new roof should last an absolute minimum of 15 years, with no need for repairs or roof maintenance within that time. That's why we adhere to strict guidelines on asphalt shingle roof installations, and always schedule roof replacements for the spring and summer.

Cold weather changes the size, flexibility, and adhesive qualities of shingles, while increasing overhead costs for installers and homeowners alike. CAA Quebec warns homeowners to "expect a cost supplement of about 20% for doing roof coverings in winter." Even with this increased cost, roofs installed in sub-optimal temperatures often fail to seal properly, which can result in a significantly shorter overall lifespan. In the worst case scenarios, shingles eventually blow off, expanding metal flashing buckles and cracks, and damaging leaks develop within a few years of completion. Why else would a contractor offer only a 5 year warranty after insisting on installing your new roof in the winter?

For a long lasting, technically sound roof that comes with a minimum 15 year workmanship warranty, call Sunnyside. We'll install your roof at the right time - when the sun is shining!

Spring/Sunmer Roof Replacements